My Thoughts for the week-July 1st

Thanks NY for being honest about the cigarette tax hike. At least this time you acknowledge you don’t give a fuck about people’s health, only the revenue the tax will bring in for NY. Revenue you will waste on Pork bills, election funds and hookers….. Scumbags. Also, a tanning tax? really? are even you a-holes running out of stuff to tax? tanning? really NY?

Fuck you Jeanie DiNapoli for writing a narrow minded, stereotyping article that bashes something you don’t like, tattoos, without using one bit of fact or professionalism. No wonder journalism is dying

I love you, Katy Perry…. Just because

Glad to see that twilight fans have proven yet again that taste and talent have no part in some summer blockbusters. When Kristen Stewart is on celebrity rehab in 5 years will you still show her the love?

Just my personal opinion, but if you own any of the following shirts, you may want to reconsider your wardrobe. There is an aura of douche surrounding them

1. Tapout

2. Ed Hardy

3. West Coast Choppers

you may want to go out and kick the ass of Jon Gosselin, Paul walker and the residents of every trailer park in America for ruining these brands

I have friends and family serving in the military, a long line of family that served and an abbreviated stint myself. So this weekend, take a moment to think about what July 4th is really about and say a quick thanks to everyone making it possible

Have a great weekend


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