30 Days of…

On May 1st, I gave up Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk & MySpace for 31 Days. The object was to detox myself from my dependency of knowing what friends, semi-friends, internet “friends” and almost complete strangers were doing at any given moment of the day. But since I have a theory, thought, opinion or smartass comment for pretty much everything, I thought it appropriate to document my month. See, this isn’t cheating. One of the reasons for this exercise was to focus on my writing, wether it be fiction, poetry or an op piece like this. I’ve become an expert at wasting time when I should be focusing on what I truly love to do. Writing. So while I try to churn out a new poem every day, I’ll also try to document the withdrawal process as well as share some of my random thoughts.

Day 1: Hardest part has been the fact that I started this on a Sat. All the freaks come out on Sat. Here are a two random thoughts I wish I could have shared.

1. Does wearing as West Coast Choppers T-shirt make you a douche by association? Ed Hardy syndrome?

2. The following statement describes 90% of the women i saw today: Nip-ons, Muffin tops and Stretch Marks, Oh My!

Day 2: Ehhh… The day sucked in general, but this was an easy one. Not really missing Facebook or Twitter right now.

One random thought: If you are alone in the house, and you know no one will be home anytime soon, do you close the door to use the bathroom?

Day 3:  Managed to get 30 pages of edits and re-writes done on my book last night, which makes this whole experiment a success. Also found some missing socks while doing Laundry. Double success!!!!!

Confession: I keep earbuds in my car, my fiancees cars and my messenger bag. Two reasons for this. 1. i’m relatively obsessed with music. 2. If i’m somewhere alone, i can fire up my mp3 player and avoid the douchebags of the world. Does this make me a bad person?

Opinion: The only thing worse than admitting you were once a mime, is admitting you’re a pedofile. And both should be death penalty offenses.

Day 7: After one week i’ve noticed that when i can’t post at will, most of my random thoughts don’t get posted at all. This may be a good or bad thing depending on wether you think i’m funny or not.

Question of the day: Why was there a man on a lawn next to rt. 50 in Saratoga playing bagpipes? by himself? in normal clothes?

Day 9: Jay Z and Betty White on SNL…Awesome….

Day 29: Ok, so i stopped documenting the withdrawal for two reasons; 1. i lied before, it DID seem like cheating to fill this piece with all of the stuff i would have normally posted on Facebook & 2. There really wasn’t really any withdrawal. what i realized was that there were 1,000,000 other things to take up my time just fine. I wrote more poems, worked on my novel and read more, all the things that didn’t happen while i was on facebook. So will i return to Facebook as much as before? not sure. the addiction will have to build up in my system again, but i’ll probably be posting weird random shit and pics of rednecks soon enough. Because that’s just the kind of nerd i am….


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