The way things used to be

I recently had the occasion to listen to, and later read some quotes by our founding fathers. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, etc…. What i realized from these quotes was how much we’ve lost as a nation, politically speaking. These were men that spoke with conviction and passion, men that spoke deliberately  without innuendo or vagueness. They spoke from the heart and mind without regard to polls, popularity, fund-raising or reelection. What came from their mouths was exactly what they thought best for the country and they never masked those beliefs. Even on those occasions where they disagreed, they may have gotten passionate, may have even yelled or beat their fists, but they showed each other respect and respected their opponents, if not their views. These men were not perfect, I’m sure some of them were deeply flawed. But when all is said and done, they had conviction and integrity.

So what’s my point? Name one politician from any political party in the last 20 years that you can attach those qualities to. I think you’ll be hard pressed to do so.

And that should deeply trouble you, like it does me…


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