Worlds Without End Now Available

I’m very happy to announce, that after almost two years in the making, Worlds Without End is now available. Currently available only on Lulu ( press ) it will soon also be gracing Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon UK. I want to really thank both Shawn & Jen Dubin, Shawn for providing me with amazing illustrations to really helped bring the story to life, and to jen for spending alot of time editing, offering ideas and for putting Shawn and I together in the first place. This may seem like some bizzare acceptance speech but for anyone out there that puts out any type of art, you know that this is cathartic & sad. I started writing pieces of W.W.E. years ago, long before i ever had the idea for it as a full book. To spend chunks of the last decade working on something and then have it just be….done…. it’s a strange sensation. So anyway, i can’t say i wouldn’t be thrilled if you went out and bought a few copies, but at the least, thanks for reading this relatively pointless entry


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