As a rule i try to keep my political views to myself. Regardless of my views, talking politics is usually a lose/lose situation. But after the last few weeks of news saturation, i feel like getting this off my chest. I am not a racist because i’m not in favor of universal government run health care. I’m a college educated, employed, well read independent  that simply believes the people responsible for fucking up the post office, medicare, Medicaid, social security, veterans benefits, etc, etc, etc… can’t be trusted to manage my health. I am more than a little offended that just because i disagree with a policy i am deemed a lower class citizen. I’m not an “angry Mob” as Harry Reid believes, I’m not a “Nazi” as Nancy Pelosi has claimed. And i’m certainly not a racist, as a recent Newsweek article and Jimmy Carter would like people to believe. I’m also not a supporter of Rush Limbaugh or Shawn Hannity, i find them to be arrogant blowhards. I simply think it’s extremely insulting and dangerous to use race as a weapon to shut up opponents of a political policy. Both parties are using it on a daily basis and it disgusts me. So maybe i am an angry American, but it’s simply because i’m sick of being labeled in a negative way simply because i have the ability to think for myself.


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