Sometimes as i sort through the mounds of poetry that come my way via 63 Channels submissions, i wonder what gives me the right. Yes i’ve put out 29 online issues and 9 Print issues, but really, why is it that people put the fate of their words in my hands. Yes I’m published, but mostly in other small journals like my own. Yes, i have a book out, but i see my sales reports, i know my 63C readers are not reading my book. Yet every day dozens of people send me their work, poems and stories they’ve poured their soul into, and i decide within a minute or two if it’s fit to publish. It always strikes me as odd that i’ve earned the trust of people simply by being able to create a banner and build a website. Hopefully i’ve earned this honor, and i do consider it an honor to have your musings run through my mind. Whether i publish you or not, thank you for your faith in 63 Channels


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