Nights like this

FORWARD: i wrote this a long time ago, probably around 23. And while i may have grown away from the person i was when i wrote this, i think they feelings behind the piece will always hold true. So here’s an “oldie” for you.

It’s nights like tonight, at least here in NY, when the weather hits seventy for the first time and the night sky is clear, that I suddenly feel like a great many things In life have passed me by. I remember, many, many nights, much like tonight, when I was a teenager and when I was in college, that these nights seemed like a dime a dozen. Before I was old enough to “know better” these nights were spent with friends, outstaying your welcome at a Denny’s or IHOP, drinking free coffee refills till you were sick to your stomache. They were spent at late night dive diners, watching old men talk to themselves and pick invisible bugs out of their hair. They were spent at the airport, watching planes land from the top of somebody’s piece of shit car; they were spent at the playground, sitting on the swings like we were ten again. And they were spent in the arms of somebody new, a fresh romance, blooming with the spring. They seemed endless and common and something to be taken for granted. And now, while responsibilities of being an adult weigh down on my shoulders, and I spend nights like tonight, here in front of my computer and soon to bed, that I wish that I could go back, have all the people that shared those thousands of wonderful nights with me, and together we could just have one more night…just one more night…


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